Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Dr. Robert Jones Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Dr. Robert Jones has been a hair transplant surgeon for nearly twenty years, innovating technique and providing industry leading standards of quality. Dr. Jones is the source for quality advice on balding and thinning hair. As of September 2012 Dr. Jones began offering Scalp Micro-Pigmentation.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical procedure that uses cutting edge cosmetic tattooing to give the appearance of a thicker head of hair. Dr. Jones offers SMP as an option for men and women who don’t want a hair transplant or for those who are not candidates for a hair transplant. The SMP procedure is also offered to conceal hair transplant scars and as repair work to those who have had the unfortunate experience of receiving a poor hair transplant.

The SMP procedure

The SMP procedure requires a high level of artistic training and a thorough understanding of hairlines. Dr. Jones and his staff have years of experience and perform SMP in the same office where all of the hair transplant surgeries take place.

Dr. Jones was introduced to SMP at a conference in Rome earlier this year (2012) and, though skeptical at first, he was amazed how natural the work looked when finished, even at close look. Dr. Jones promises that even when closely scrutinizing a head with SMP it is difficult to discern that it is in fact a cosmetic tattoo.

We are one of the first medical clinics in North America to offer the SMP procedure and are pleased to offer this service to our patients. For more information call Dr. Jones' office, and consider making an appointment for a consultation.

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